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RERA-Approved Projects in Zirakpur – Real estate investing is a serious investment, therefore it’s essential to pick developments that provide accountability, transparency, and consumer protection. Zirakpur, a town in northern India, is expanding quickly. Moreover, the availability of RERA-approved projects in Zirakpur has made the investment landscape even more appealing. 

By ensuring that these developments follow stringent regulations, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) offers purchasers and investors a safe and dependable investment alternative. This essay will examine the advantages of funding RERA-approved projects in Zirakpur and highlight some significant local developments.

Benefits Of Investing In RERA-Approved Projects In Zirakpur

  • Legal Protection: The legal protection is one of the main benefits of investing in projects that have received RERA approval. RERA makes sure developers register their projects and follow all applicable rules. This defends consumers’ interests and shields them from dishonest business practices.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Project plans, deadlines, carpet area calculations, and prices for RERA-approved projects in Zirakpur are completely transparent. The developer is required to provide all pertinent information so that consumers may make educated judgements. Additionally, RERA makes sure that developers are responsible for completing projects by the deadlines.
  • Quality Construction and Amenities: RERA regulations make ensuring that projects satisfy the required building standards and deliver the facilities that were promised. This takes into account things like structural soundness, the use of premium materials, and adherence to authorized blueprints. Purchasing a house in a RERA-approved development ensures that it is well-built and has contemporary facilities.
  • Dispute Handling: RERA creates a process for resolving disputes between purchasers and developers. Customers can contact the regulatory authorities for resolution in the event of complaints or delays. By doing this, you may be certain that your issues will be treated fairly and swiftly throughout the investing process.

Noteworthy RERA-Approved Projects In Zirakpur

1. Green Valley Heights

Green Valley Heights is a first-rate housing development approved by RERA that meets a variety of housing demands. It provides roomy flats and individual floors with modern aesthetics in the sought-after neighbourhood of Zirakpur. The project is distinguished by its contemporary features, which include a clubhouse for social events, a cool swimming pool, exquisitely planted gardens, and 24-hour security. Green Valley Heights offers residents a warm and safe place to live.

Address: Plot No. 43, Sector 60, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

2. Maya Garden City

A reputed township called Maya Garden City integrates residential and commercial areas into a single integrated development. This project, which is surrounded by beautiful greenery, provides a peaceful atmosphere for both families and businesses. The well-designed parks and gardens improve the neighbourhood’s visual attractiveness. The development offers a variety of amenities, including a well-stocked clubhouse, sporting venues, and areas designated for social events. A perfect fusion of elegance, convenience, and peace can be found in Maya Garden City approved with RERA.

Address: Zirakpur Ho, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

3. ATS Derabassi Greens

ATS Derabassi Greens is another RERA approved development in the nearby town of Derabassi with an emphasis on sustainability, are located there. This project combines environmentally friendly elements like solar panels and rainwater collection, which helps to create a better atmosphere. The project’s overall appeal is enhanced by the beautifully planted gardens and open areas. Residents at ATS Derabassi Greens benefit from a seamless fusion of luxurious living and ethical environmental practices.

Address: Plot No. 10, Sector 66, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

4. Hollywood Heights

Hollywood Heights is known for its luxurious living options. This RERA authorized development offers spacious apartments that are the height of elegance and sophistication. The clubhouse’s intelligent design offers a private area for socialising and enjoyment. Residents may relax by the pool or take a stroll around the immaculate landscaping. For those looking for a luxury home choice in Zirakpur, Hollywood Heights provides an opulent living experience.

Address: Plot No. 14, Sector 66, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

5. GBP Athens

GBP Athens, which draws inspiration from Greek architecture, stands noted for its distinctive style and excellent building standards. The development provides opulent condominiums and villas that redefine comfort and beauty. Residents’ leisure requirements are met by the clubhouse, gym, and manicured gardens. GBP Athens has got the RERA approval to offer a tranquil and beautiful living environment by fusing outstanding architecture with modern conveniences.

Address: Plot No. 22, Sector 60, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

6. Mona City Homes

A well-known residential development, Mona City Homes, provides roomy apartments with a contemporary appeal. The development takes pleasure in offering a variety of facilities, such as a clubhouse, beautifully manicured gardens, jogging trails, and a kids’ play area. These attributes guarantee families a healthy way of life. Mona City Homes offer consumers a trustworthy and safe investment option with its RERA approval.

Address: Plot No. 99, Sector 66, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

7. Escon Arena

Escon Arena is a distinguished residential development that meets the exacting standards of those looking for luxury. The development provides opulent residences with top-notch facilities. The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere is provided by the enormous entry foyer. The swimming pool, fitness centre, sports facilities, and tranquil landscaped open areas are available for residents to use. Escon Arena’s reputation and dependability are further enhanced by the RERA accreditation.

Address: Plot No. 132, Sector 60, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

8. SBP Gateway of Dreams

A distinctive residential development, SBP Gateway of Dreams focuses on offering inexpensive houses without sacrificing quality or contemporary features with RARA approval. The development has a well-designed clubhouse, a cool pool, exquisitely planted grounds, and round-the-clock security. The goal is to provide inhabitants with a convenient lifestyle. Buyers may invest in SBP Gateway of Dreams with the assurance knowing that their interests are safeguarded thanks to RERA approval.

Address: Plot No. 45, Sector 60, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

9. Highland Park

Apartments and separate floors are among the housing options available in the gated residential neighbourhood of Highland Park. The development is recognised for its tranquil living atmosphere, lush surroundings, and well-kept parks. A perfect fusion of nature and contemporary amenities is available to residents. Highland Park’s RERA accreditation assures compliance with rules and protects the rights of purchasers.

Address: Plot No. 12, Sector 66, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036

10. Motia Royal City

A large township, Motia Royal City includes both residential and business areas. To meet the varied demands of the community, the building includes well-designed apartments, independent floors, and retail spaces. Motia Royal City offers investors a trustworthy and compliant investment option thanks to its RERA licence.

Address: Plot No. 31, Sector 60, Zirakpur, Punjab 160036


People’s Property Point, an acclaimed real estate firm, suggests investing in RERA-approved developments in Zirakpur for a safe and transparent investment. These initiatives ensure legal protection, openness, accountability, and high-quality construction. You may secure a safe and successful investment in Zirakpur’s thriving real estate market by selecting a RERA-approved project through People’s Property Point.

Frequently Asked questions about RERA-Approved Projects in Zirakpur
Q1: Where is Zirakpur located?

Zirakpur is a town in the Mohali district of Punjab, India. Its location close to the Chandigarh metropolitan area and reputation for real estate development make it popular.

Q2: Why is it important to invest in RERA-approved projects in Zirakpur?

By making an investment in Zirakpur RERA-approved developments, you can be sure that the developer of the property you are purchasing has complied with all rules and regulations established by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. In addition to providing some openness, this protects the interests of the buyers.

Q3: Are RERA-approved projects more expensive?

A number of variables, including the project’s location, amenities, and developer repute, may affect the price of a home in an RERA-approved development. The RERA’s promise of openness and legal protection can make it a desirable investment even if the initial cost may not vary significantly.