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GAMDA Approved Projects In Mohali –Mohali has developed a reputation for being a desirable place for investors and homebuyers. An advantageous location, reliable infrastructure, expanding economy and GAMDA approved projects in Mohali has raised the Real estate Sector in the city. The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority guarantees adherence to legal criteria and offers a secure investment environment, further boosts the city’s real estate market.

Understanding GAMDA

The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GAMDA) is a government agency in charge of the planned development and management of the real estate market in the Mohali area. The GAMDA is crucial for the approval of projects based on conformity to development requirements, ensuring the availability of infrastructure, and defending the rights of investors and homebuyers. GAMDA-approved homes provide an additional degree of confidence and comfort for individuals looking to invest in Mohali’s real estate market.

Benefits Of Investing In GAMDA-Approved Projects In Mohali

There are several advantages to investing in Mohali developments that have received GAMDA approval for real estate. Here are some significant benefits to consider:

  • Compliance and Quality Assurance: GAMDA-approved projects in Mohali adhere to strict development guidelines and regulations. This provides investors with the assurance that their money is funding thoroughly thought-out and executed endeavours, ensuring that the projects maintain high standards. Following GAMDA guidelines promotes responsibility and openness, which reduces the risk associated with real estate transactions.
  • Infrastructure and Amenities: Projects in Mohali with GAMDA permission benefit from the city’s proximity to essential infrastructure and amenities. The government makes sure that these developments are located adjacent to transit hubs, shopping centres, medical facilities, and educational institutions. This enhances inhabitants’ quality of life while also boosting the long-term value of the houses.
  • Potential for Capital Appreciation: With rising demand for both residential and commercial properties, Mohali’s real estate market is booming. The possibility of capital growth is there when investing in GAMDA-approved projects. The value of the properties in these developments is projected to rise as the city continues to expand and develop, giving investors enticing returns on their investments.
  • Security and Legal Protection: Investors are given assurance and legal protection thanks to GAMDA clearance. Investors are safeguarded from fraudulent or unethical practices by regulatory monitoring, which makes sure that the projects comply with all applicable legal criteria. As a result, the climate for investing is made safer, and investors feel more confident.

GAMDA Approved Projects in Mohali 

Here is a complete list of GAMDA certified projects in Mohali, which include a wide variety of new homes, businesses, and infrastructure. These initiatives have been carefully planned and approved to support the city’s long-term growth, improve its infrastructure, and give residents and businesses access to contemporary facilities.

1. Grandeur Towers

GAMDA-approved Grandeur Towers is a prominent residential development that provides opulent apartments with cutting-edge facilities and peaceful living space. The project offers a luxurious lifestyle for inhabitants with careful planning, roomy interiors, and planted grounds. Buyers looking for premium living in Mohali can feel confident investing in it since the GAMDA clearance assures respect for development laws.

Address: Plot No. 48, Sector 88, Mohali, Punjab 160062, India

2. Green Meadows

Green Meadows is a residential development that has received approval from the GAMDA and blends style with green living. The development has ecologically friendly architecture, beautiful landscaping, and well-thought-out residences. The neighbourhood of the society provides a healthy and peaceful way of life with a variety of facilities including parks, jogging trails, and community centres.

Address: Plot No. 177, Sector 82, Mohali, Punjab 160062, India

3. Riverside Residency

A beautiful setting along a river’s edge may be found at Riverside Residency, a high-end residential development authorized by GAMDA. The development provides generously sized apartments with breath-taking views, contemporary conveniences, and a peaceful atmosphere. An appealing investment option, Riverside Residency offers residents a peaceful living environment and the certainty of GAMDA compliance.

Address: Plot No. 101, Sector 95, Mohali, Punjab 160062, India

4. Tech Park Plaza

In Mohali, the GAMDA-approved commercial complex Tech Park Plaza is a premier location for businesses. To meet the increasing demand for commercial real estate in the area, the project provides cutting-edge office spaces, retail stores, and recreational amenities. With its advantageous location, Tech Park Plaza offers businesses and investors a safe and lucrative investment channel.

Address: Sector – 82, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603, India

5. Oasis Gardens

Residential development with GAMDA approval called Oasis Gardens offers a haven of comfort and peace. The development provides a variety of housing choices, including flats and villas, all surrounded by beautifully landscaped parks and lush greenery. This project offers a tranquil and opulent living experience, making it a desirable investment for homebuyers.

Address: Plot No. 108, Sector 82, Mohali, Punjab 160062, India

6. Business Square

Businesses may thrive in a hospitable atmosphere at Business Square, a commercial project that has received approval from the GAMDA. The project offers contemporary office spaces, meeting rooms, and retail establishments to meet the changing demands of the business sector. You get to experience safe and viable way to access the expanding commercial sector in Mohali.

Address: Plot No. 65, Sector 77, Mohali, Punjab 160062, India

7. Lakeview Residences 

Luxury lakefront apartments are available in Mohali at Lakeview Residences, a magnificent residential development authorized by GAMDA. The development has cutting-edge design, first-rate facilities, and beautiful views of the nearby lake. GAMDA compliance and the promise of an opulent and peaceful living experience make Lakeview Residences an enticing investment prospect.

Address: Plot No. 110, Sector 77, Mohali, Punjab 160062, India


A safe and attractive opportunity in Mohali’s booming real estate market is guaranteed when investing in developments that have received GAMDA approval. These initiatives follow rules, ensure the availability of infrastructure, and may increase in value over time.

Before making an investment decision, does your homework, talk to a professional, and evaluate your goals. Join forces with People’s Property Point for knowledgeable advice. For a fulfilling real estate adventure in Mohali, take advantage of the options in GAMDA-approved properties.

Frequently Asked questions about GAMDA Approved Projects In Mohali
Q1: What are GAMDA approved projects in Mohali?

GAMDA stands for Greater Mohali Area Development Authority. It is a government authority responsible for approving and regulating development projects in Mohali, Punjab, India.

Q2: How can I identify GAMDA approved projects?

GAMDA-approved projects in Mohali will have obtained the necessary permits and clearances from the authority. You can check the official website of GAMDA or contact their office to verify the approval status of a specific project.

Q3: Are GAMDA approved projects trustworthy?

Yes, GAMDA approved projects are considered trustworthy as they have undergone a rigorous approval process and adhere to the guidelines set by the authority. However, it is always recommended to conduct your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.

Q4: Can I get financial assistance for GAMDA approved projects?

Financial assistance for GAMDA approved projects may be available through banks, financial institutions, or government schemes. You can inquire with relevant institutions about their financing options for such projects.