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RERA Approved Projects in Mohali – Investment prospects in real estate are strong in the booming city of Mohali in the Indian province of Punjab. Mohali draws buyers and investors because of its advantageous location, good infrastructure, and expanding economy. Additionally, RERA-approved projects in Mohali assure a safe investment. The aforementioned program (RERA) offers transparency, accountability, and legal protection, making them the greatest choices for anybody wishing to invest in real estate safely and profitably.

Understanding RERA

To safeguard homebuyers’ rights and advance transparency in the real estate industry, the Government of India adopted the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act in 2016. All real estate projects are required by RERA to register with the regulatory body and abide by rules on project completion, quality requirements, and information disclosure. Buyers can benefit from improved consumer rights, prompt project delivery, and a sense of security by making investments in RERA-approved projects.

Top RERA-Approved Projects in Mohali

1. Grand Residency

Modern apartments and villas are available at Grand Residency, a residential development that has received RERA approval. This development is renowned for its cutting-edge architecture, well-maintained grounds, and a variety of facilities, such as a clubhouse and gym. Grand Residency guarantees an opulent and safe living experience by emphasising excellent building and abiding with RERA regulations.

Address: Sector 84, Mohali, Punjab 160055

2. Green Valley

A residential development with RERA approval, Green Valley combines elegance and a contemporary lifestyle. The development provides roomy apartments furnished with first-rate amenities including a swimming pool, sporting activities, and tranquil gardens. The certainty of RERA compliance, together with a tranquil and sumptuous lifestyle, comes with investing in Green Valley.

Address: Sector 66, Mohali, Punjab 160062

3. Sunshine Enclave

A prominent residential development in Mohali is Sunshine Enclave, which has been there for a while. Single-family homes, plots, and flats are just a few of the housing possibilities available in this RERA-certified neighbourhood. Sunshine Enclave offers a safe investment option due to its picturesque beauty, robust connectivity, and close access to necessary facilities.

Address: Sector 70, Mohali, Punjab 160071

4. Blossom Hills

The high-end residential community Blossom Hills is recognised for its lavish facilities. Modern, large flats and penthouses are available in this development. A clubhouse, a pool, and immaculate grounds are available to residents. Blossom Hills offers an opulent lifestyle as well as the guarantee of RERA compliance.

Address: Sector 65, Mohali, Punjab 160065

5. Horizon Residences

A prominent residential neighbourhood noted for its cutting-edge architecture and opulent lifestyle is Horizon Residences. The apartments in this RERA-approved development are elegantly constructed and come with a variety of amenities, such as a clubhouse, a gym, and manicured gardens. Horizon Residences is a safe investment choice due to its great location and adherence to RERA standards.

Address: Sector 81, Mohali, Punjab 160056

6. Imperial Towers

A magnificent home development called Imperial Towers may be found in Mohali’s most desirable neighbourhood. This RERA-approved property offers roomy apartments with cutting-edge facilities and trendy architecture. Imperial Towers offers a tempting investment opportunity supported by RERA’s regulatory framework and includes amenities including a swimming pool, fitness centre, and multipurpose hall.

Address: Sector 67, Mohali, Punjab 160067

7. Urban Greens

A well-known housing development in Mohali, Urban Greens is renowned for its thorough design and inventive building techniques. There are many different housing alternatives available in this RERA-approved property, including well-built apartments and self-sufficient apartment buildings. Under the watchful supervision of RERA, Urban Greens guarantees a satisfying living experience and possible returns on investment.

Address: Sector 78, Mohali, Punjab 160078

8. Majestic Heights

A well-known residential complex called Majestic Heights is noted for its first-rate construction materials and state-of-the-art facilities. This RERA-approved development includes roomy apartments, a clubhouse, a pool, and immaculately kept gardens. A happy and pleasurable lifestyle is a guarantee of investing in Majestic Heights, guaranteed by RERA’s regulatory compliance.

Address: Sector 68, Mohali, Punjab 160068

9. Crestwood Residency

A high-end residential complex that provides opulent living quarters is Crestwood Residency. This RERA-approved property promises an elitist lifestyle with its superb workmanship, contemporary interiors, and luxury finishes. Residents may make use of a clubhouse, exquisitely designed gardens, and sports facilities, and their investment is safe thanks to RERA’s support.

Address: Sector 77, Mohali, Punjab 160077

10. IT Park Plaza

IT Park Plaza is a notable business building in a well-known Mohali area. A great place to invest in commercial real estate, this RERA-approved project provides a range of business spaces, office buildings, and leisure facilities

Address: IT Park, Sector 81, Mohali, Punjab 160056


By choosing these projects, investors can enjoy convenience, comfort, and potential returns while benefiting from RERA’s regulatory framework. These projects strictly adhere to RERA guidelines, ensuring transparency, accountability, and legal protection. However, It is advisable to conduct thorough research and seek advice from real estate professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions about RERA-Approved Projects in Mohali
Q1: What are RERA approved projects in Mohali?

Real estate developments that have been registered and adhere to the rules established by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, or RERA, are popular as RERA approved projects in Mohali.

Q2: Why is it crucial to choose RERA-approved projects in Mohali?

Choosing RERA-approved developments guarantees the development is transparent, consistent with the law, and offers homeowners specific protections regarding the project’s quality, delivery schedules, and other elements.

Q3: How can I find out if a project in Mohali has received RERA approval?

Visit the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Punjab’s official website and use the project’s name or developer’s name to look for the registration information of a project to see if it has RERA approval in Mohali.