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Flats in Panchkula Price – Panchkula is a city in Haryana and is one of the favorite places to find a space to live. It’s near Chandigarh and Mohali and the majority of people who want to buy a house or any flat in Tricity choose Panchkula as their First Option. Some of the sectors that are built in Panchkula are new and have been built with keeping in mind all the new facilities.

As Chandigarh and Mohali both are slowly going out of space because of over-construction, the development has turned towards Panchkula. In Panchkula, the demand for real estate is increasing day by day. It has huge space where people can construct houses or flats and can start living. Panchkula has more opportunities and everyone is shifting their attention towards them. 

If you are looking to buy flats or any other property for rent then you can contact People’s Property Point. They are the main property dealers in Tricity and provide the best deals most affordably and reasonably.

In the following article, we will have a look at the price of the flats in Panchkula and discuss key features of the property consultant, people’s Property Point.

Different options to look for in Panchkula

If you want to buy a flat in Panchkula then you first have to know what all options are there for you. Panchkula is a great place to live. All the facilities, clean roads, and many other facilities. The options available are in the form of flats. one can get from 1 BHK TO 4 BHK. The value of the properties depends on the location. it also depends on other factors like demand and supply in the Market, infrastructure, what neighborhood the flat is in, what features have been provided by the builder, etc.

If you are looking for a flat in a prime location or prime neighborhood then it will cost you more as compared to flats which are not in the hot spots of the city. Also if you want a fully furnished house then it will cost more as compared to the semi-furnished or non-furnished house. The type of materials used and other factors also influence the price of the property. The hoses are self-contained and accessible in communities that provide amenities such as playgrounds, gardens, and fitness centers. appropriate parking arrangements. 

Prices of the flats in Panchkula 

We discussed the various options we have in Panchkula. Now we can have an approximate value of the price for different options available in the city.

If you are looking to buy a 1BHK flat in Panchkula which has 1 bedroom with a kitchen and a hall then it can cost you around 25lacs approx to 50lacs. It is furnished or non-furnished, that depends on the owner of the flat. This includes all the facilities like parking and other facilities provided by the owner.

If you are looking for 2BHK Flat then in that case you can get it from the range of 40 lacs approximately 1 crore. The price varies according to the location, neighborhood, infrastructure, and other facilities. 2BHK consists of 2 bedrooms, one kitchen, and a hall .

If you want a 3BHK then it can cost you between 60 lacs to 2 crore(approx). 3 BHK consists of 3 bedrooms and a kitchen and hall. 

If you want a space for a big family then you can go for 4 BHK. This can cost you from 90 lacs to 4 crore. It’s a very big space that includes 4 bedrooms with a kitchen, hall and many other spaces which can easily accommodate many people.

People’s Property Point

They have sold houses to many customers who were looking for their dream houses. People Property Point has provided them with the best and the most reasonable deals that they can have. You don’t have to worry about anything when you choose People’s Property Point because the team will help you with every step of the procedure, from confirming plot papers to anything else. Choosing people’s property as your real estate or home guide will make you buy the best and the most reasonable and affordable houses in the city.

People’s Property Point is without a doubt the greatest real estate company in the districts of Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, and Zirakpur when it comes to selling apartments houses, or flats. Our clients have excellent prospects to locate the best homes or apartments in the city thanks to our vast knowledge base and expertise. We consistently deliver the house of their dreams to our clients, and we have always gotten the finest praise for it.

They are a company that has there tie-ups with big industry leaders and flat builders. They know exactly what you are looking for and provide you with the best option that matches your dream house. Also, the company is run by professionals who have worked in these scenarios and they once were real estate agents. With this experience, they founded their own company and now are contributing to society by helping people get their dream houses.


If you are looking for options to buy a flat in Panchkula then you can directly contact People Property Point. They are the best and most renowned real estate company that provides the best deal possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – where can I get information regarding the flat prices in Panchkula.?

A – you can get all the information by contacting Poeople Property Point.

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