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Flats In Kharar Price – it is everyone’s dream to buy a house of their dreams. People’s Property Point is one such place where you can fulfill your dream of buying the best house in the city at very reasonable and affordable rates. People’s Property Point is a real estate company that has at its disposal the best houses and flats for rent in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Kharar. 

Kharar is a place which has many options to live at. It’s a place which is near to Mohali and is very near to Chandigarh. A place where one can find all the things to do. all the houses and flats are built well and have proper spaces for everyone including children and young ones.

In the following blog, we will have a look at the prices of the different flats and rental spaces available in Kharar.

Different options to choose from 

There are many choices available when it comes to purchasing apartments in the stunning city of Kharad. Choose from 1 RK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, or 4 BHK. One RK denotes a room with a kitchen, One BHK denotes a living room, one kitchen, and a hall, and 2 BHKs have two bedrooms and a hall including a Kitchen. In the same way, 3 and 4 BHK have 3 and 4 bedrooms including a kitchen and hall. One can choose and speak with the top real estate brokers directly from the options provided. People’s Property Points offer the greatest and most exquisite properties in Tricity, the city’s top dealer. They also provide office space for rent or flats that are offered for purchase but are still under construction. 

Kharar is a very good place to live as it is a 5-minute drive from Chandigarh. One can buy newly constructed homes and flats that are spacious and are built keeping in mind, all the facilities which are required for the best living.

Prices of flats in Kharar 

The price of a property depends on several factors. Location is one of the main factors including the market value of the property and other factors. Kharar is a place where the rates of the flats have been reasonable and affordable. If you want to buy a 1 RK, then you can get it between 15 to 25 lacs. For instance, if you want to go for 2BHK then it will cost you between 30 to 60 lacs. A 3 BHK would cost you between 45 lacs to 1 crore. The price keeps on rising for 4 BHK and other types of properties that you want to rent or buy like big office spaces etc.

If you have a big family then the most preferred choice would be a 3BHK or 4BHK. People’s property points have properties that are very luxurious and are very spacious with the best interior design, space for parking, and a playground for sports activities. These properties are very well-guarded and have 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Choosing such properties is a very good option as Kharar is a booming place where the rate for the properties has increased throughout the years and has seen no dip in the rise of property Rates.

Investing in the flats in Kharar is an investment for the future which will surely give you the best returns if you want to sell it at any time in the future.

People’s  Property Point is the best dealer that can provide you with the best property and at the most reasonable rates. They are the top dealers for flats in Tricity and have provided flats to hundreds of buyers who have shown the best feedback regarding the property they have bought.

People’s Property Point 

People’s Property Point is the most renowned and most trusted property dealer in the Tricity. They have provided homes to thousands of buyers. The company’s main motto is to provide the best property which has all the best facilities and that too at the most reasonable Prices. They are professionals who cater according to the requirements of the customer. The customer can tell what type of property they would like to have. If you have any extra addition then the company will provide you with the best options. They have very experienced professionals. The company has experts and can provide you with the best professional advice when you go to buy a property.

the thing that separates people’s property point from all other sellers is the trust they have built in the customers. Every buyer trusts them for the service they provide. Everyone who want to sell their properties always choose People’s Property Point for listing their properties in the market.

They have the most number of properties and also have different forms of properties. The company have the best options to choose from and provide the best assistance when you look for properties. They also list new properties daily and one can also choose from them. The company is trusted blindly and that is why almost all the sellers want to list their properties with People’s Property Point.


When we are investing a huge sum of money to buy a flat then we should always choose quality . The property dealer with high ratings and a good reputation should be the top prority . Buying the best house requires the best dealer. People’s property point is on the wishlist of every seller and buyer. They have built such a good reputation with their hard work and intense focus. If you want to buy or sell a house or any other property contact people’s property point. List the property dealer who has the most followers and has a great reputation for providing the best properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- where can i get the information about the flats to buy or rent in tricity or in kharar?

A – People’s property point is the top property dealer related to flats and other form of rental properties.

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