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Top 10 Builders In Zirakpur – Zirakpur, a city to near Chandigarh, has been expanding quickly with a boom in real estate construction. The city has drawn several renowned builders that have been involved in influencing the city’s architectural scene due to its advantageous location and potential chances. This article will examine the top 10 Zirakpur builders, who are renowned for their distinctive contributions, superb workmanship, and client-centered philosophy.

The existence of great builders is mostly responsibile for the considerable growth in Zirakpur’s infrastructure and real estate industry. These professional builders have made significant contributions to the architectural scene of the city by utilising its favourable location and expansion potential. They have turned the city into a vibrant centre of real estate development because of their great workmanship, distinctive contributions, and client-centred attitude.

List Of Top 10 Builders In Zirakpur

The following is a thorough list of the best builders in Zirakpur. These builders have earned a reputation for providing dependable and creative building and development solutions. This compilation showcases the major organisations that are creating the Zirakpur real estate scene with their remarkable projects and services.

1. Green Lotus Group

Green Lotus Group has made a name for itself as Zirakpur’s top builders by emphasizing environmentally friendly and sustainable building practices. The business creates residential and commercial environments that emphasize energy efficiency and environmental conservation by combining innovative design with green technologies. This real estate builder has an outstanding reputation among homebuyers because of their dedication to quality and sustainable development.

2. NK Sharma Group

The NK Sharma Group is known for its superior craftsmanship and has had a substantial influence on Zirakpur’s real estate market. Apartments, villas, and townships are just a few of the residential projects in the company’s portfolio. This builder is a favoured option in Zirakpur for picky customers because of its attention to detail, commitment to deadlines, and customer-centric mind-set.

3. Maya Builders

With its creative and visually beautiful buildings, Maya Builders has significantly changed Zirakpur’s skyline. The business specialises in building cutting-edge residential complexes that provide the ideal balance of comfort, elegance, and utility. The firm has established itself as a reputable brand in the business thanks to its precise planning, excellent craftsmanship, and dedication to client happiness.

4. Mona Greens

Mona Greens is recognised for its high-end residential developments that personify class and refinement. The firm stands out for its dedication to exquisite architectural design, opulent facilities, and painstaking details. The developments of Mona Greens are created to offer a pleasant and tranquil living experience, making them quite popular among Zirakpur homeowners.

5. Motia Group

A well-known builder in Zirakpur, Motia Group is renowned for its outstanding residential and commercial constructions. The company’s projects include cutting-edge facilities, modern designs, and flawless construction quality. Customers have come to love and trust this builder company for its customer-centric philosophy, open communication, and prompt delivery.

6. SBP Group

SBP Group is delivering to developing high-quality, cost-effective housing solutions. The business has completed a large number of residential projects aimed at various market segments. Because of their emphasis on affordability, effective space utilisation, and contemporary facilities, this Group is a popular option for homeowners in Zirakpur on a tight budget.

7. Savitry Developers

Savitry Developers’ top-notch residential and commercial developments have given them a significant position in the Zirakpur real estate sector. The business has a devoted following of clients because of its dedication to brilliant architecture, rigorous planning, and customer happiness. The projects of Savitry Developers are famous for their cutting-edge designs, superb craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

8. GBP Group

GBP Group’s residential developments, that caters to the various demands of homeowners, have significantly impacted Zirakpur’s real estate market. The organisation places a strong emphasis on quick delivery, creative ideas, and high-quality construction. GBP Group has a solid reputation for excellence thanks to its customer-centric approach and dedication to infrastructure development.

9. Chandigarh Citi Center (CCC)

One well-known brand in Zirakpur’s commercial real estate market is Chandigarh Citi Centre (CCC). The the business specialises in building cutting-edge commercial environments that meet changing client demands. The developments in Chandigarh Citi Centre are perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs because they have the cutting-edge infrastructure, a prime location, and a buzzing business scene.

10. Green Valley Builder

Green Valley Builders is popular for its dedication to quality and client fulfilment. The business has been successful in completing residential projects that showcase modern design and provide a comfortable living environment. The attention to detail, open communication, and timely project completion of Green Valley Builders has helped them gain a reputation among Zirakpur Come owners.


With their vision, knowledge, and dedication to quality, Zirakpur’s top 10 builders have changed the real estate market in the city. These builders have permanently altered Zirakpur via the use of modern designs, sustainable building techniques, and customer-centric strategies. These builders have made a significant contribution to realizing purchasers’ dreams and influencing the direction of Zirakpur’s real estate industry, whether it is through residential or commercial developments.