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Top 10 Builders In Chandigarh – Chandigarh, the vibrant city known for its beautiful buildings showcases a remarkable blend of business complexes, residential structures, and government apartments. These awe-inspiring infrastructures are the result of the visionary construction companies operating in the region. With their precision, sustainability, and commitment to excellence, the top 10 builders in Chandigarh have shaped the skyline of the city.

Builders are professionally educated to create a structure and transform it into a beautiful and functional design. They comprehend the art and science of designing as well as all aspects of constructing infrastructure. Any eye-catching sumptuous and most appropriate constructed building (homes, office buildings, and other amenities) is an expert builder’s work of art.

List Of Top 10 Builders In Chandigarh

Discover Chandigarh’s top 10 builders acknowledged for their design and building ability. With remarkable portfolios, substantial resources, and a dedication to quality, these builders provide exceptional products and assure customer pleasure.

1. AKA Constructions

Since 1988, AKA Constructions has occupied a prominent position in the real estate development. This builder has completed multiple world-class infrastructures within the designated project schedules and is renowned for its top-notch engineering and top-notch labor.

They continuously produce magnificent structures because of their superb project execution, supported by cutting-edge techniques and technology. AKA Constructions is known for its work on the AWHO Housing Complex in Mohali, the NIPER in Mohali, the CEDT in Mohali, the KVIC Housing Project in Chandigarh, and the Longowal Institute in Longowal.

2. Omaxe Limited

Omaxe Limited is a top real estate builder in Chandigarh, renowned for its integrated townships, group housing projects, and commercial developments. With a strong track record of successful projects, Omaxe has gained the trust of homebuyers and investors. Their expertise lies in delivering high-quality and innovative developments, ensuring a harmonious mix of residential and commercial spaces.

3. JLPL Group

JLPL Group has made a lasting impression on Chandigarh’s architectural scene since 1995 with its outstanding residential and commercial developments. Mega master planning, inventive engineering, and a fervent commitment to sustainable infrastructures have all contributed to the group’s success.

The most recent technology, extensive knowledge, and a skilled crew, together with JLPL Group’s high work efficiency, guarantee on-time project completion. Their administrative personnel, engineers, interior designers, and architects are all highly skilled, which constantly produces excellent outcomes.

4. Sushma Buildtech Limited

Sushma Buildtech Limited, which specializes in residential and commercial developments, has established itself as a well-known builder in Chandigarh. Dedicated to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction, the business has completed several projects successfully.

Sushma Buildtech Limited has a solid name in the business thanks to its attention to detail, brilliant architecture, and sustainable building methods. Their work demonstrates their commitment to making rooms that balance comfort, usefulness, and beauty.

5. ATS Infrastructure Limited

In the building sector, ATS Infrastructure Limited is the gold standard. With a presence in Chandigarh, the business has gained the confidence of clients by committing to completing superior residential and commercial projects.

Timely delivery, attention to detail, and commitment to the highest building standards are the pillars of ATS Infrastructure Limited. Their work demonstrates creativity, excellent workmanship, and a thorough knowledge of client requirements.

6. Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd.

Leading Chandigarh real estate developer Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd. (MTPL) is committed to producing outstanding residential and commercial properties. Each project at MTPL is methodically designed and performed to perfection with a strong emphasis on client satisfaction.

Because of the firm’s dedication to quality, prompt delivery, and openness, it has garnered praise and the confidence of homebuyers. To build areas that reflect contemporary aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability, Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd.

7. GBP Group

Due to its dedication to quality, dependability, and innovation, GBP Group has become a significant participant in Chandigarh’s real estate market. The business specializes in residential projects that serve a variety of consumers and provide cutting-edge facilities and first-rate infrastructure.

GBP Group places a strong focus on customer-centricity and makes sure every project satisfies the highest requirements for quality, appearance, and usefulness. They are a reputable real estate developer in the area because of their excellent track record and high client satisfaction.

8. DLF Limited

With its famous developments, DLF Limited, a well-known company in the real estate sector, has left its imprint on Chandigarh. The company’s area of expertise is creating residences, businesses, and shops that redefine luxury and comfort.

The developments of DLF Limited include top-notch facilities, thorough design, and brilliant architecture. DLF Limited, with its cutting-edge and distinguished projects, continues to reshape Chandigarh’s cityscape with an emphasis on sustainable development and customer satisfaction.

9. Bestech Group

For many years, Bestech Group has been a significant participant in Chandigarh’s building industry. Bestech Group has completed residential, commercial, and retail projects that display great workmanship and attention to detail. They are popular for their dedication to excellence.

The firm has a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and customer-centric design, which reflects in its projects as well. Because of its long history and commitment to its clients, Bestech Group is a top choice for discerning purchasers.

10. Orbit Apartments Pvt. Ltd.

The well-known Chandigarh builder Orbit Apartments Pvt. Ltd. specializes in high-end residential devlopment. The firm specializes in building elegant houses with practical features and contemporary facilities. To create extraordinary living spaces, Orbit Apartments Pvt. Ltd.

emphasizes architectural elegance, employing high-end materials and modern design. They have established a reputation for competence in the field by placing a strong emphasis on client satisfaction and attention to detail.


The majestic architecture of Chandigarh exemplifies the lasting legacy of renowned builders. People’s Property Point honors its contributions to the city’s changing skyline. Each builder leaves a distinct stamp on Chandigarh’s terrain, from AKA Constructions’ engineering exploits to JLPL Group’s innovative approach. These trusted partners in the realization of ideas excel in top class real estate projects.

People’s Property Point, a well-known property dealer in Chandigarh, recognizes and thanks these top builders for their vital efforts. Their unshakable commitment to perfection, inventive brilliance, and unflinching dedication to exceptional workmanship has all played important roles in the development and improvement of Chandigarh’s infrastructure.