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The Role Of Property Dealers In The Rental Market  – With the steady rate of growth in the real estate industry, the position of a real estate agent has become vital. Estate dealers were once considered to be middlemen between the hider and the dealer, but in recent times the situation has changed. If you want to know about the role of property dealers in the rental market, property dealers are no longer limited to acting only as “middlemen”. They assist and declare a real property with a series of rules relating to these transactions. In India, almost all business dealers and brokers adopt a variety of roles including a realtor, agent, and negotiator.

With the ongoing expansion of the property industry, the job of property dealers has become crucial. Property dealers initially intended to act as middlemen between buyers and sellers, but the situation has since changed. Real estate brokers help property sellers and buyers with a variety of responsibilities, thus they are more than just an intermediary. In India, many real estate agents also act as property dealers, negotiators, and other roles. Stay tuned to watch the following list of tasks that a property dealer performs.

The Role Of Property Dealers In The Rental Market

Due to increased migration to metropolitan areas in search of employment, the Indian rental market has expanded by double digits in recent years. Hence, there is a good opportunity for property dealers to capitalise on this demand and expand their business. The leasing market is always open, especially in big cities where people move every 11 months on average, even though the broker commission for rental property may not be as high as the commission received for buying and selling property. Also, renting a house is easier and faster than selling processes. Therefore, rent can help brokers maintain a steady cash flow to expand their businesses. However, there are a few things the broker should be aware of before getting involved in this market.

Top 5 Roles of Property Dealers In The Rental Market

Here, we have compiled a short list of the top 5 roles of property dealer plays in the rental market

Drafting a Rental Agreement

Usually, landlords insist on 11-month leases as they are not required to be registered, thereby saving them money on fees and registration charges. Property brokers are sometimes required to draft a lease agreement as they act as a middleman. Alternatively, you can create a rent agreement online with Housing Edge and get it e-stamped instantly. This can then be signed online by both the landlord and the tenant.

Security Deposit

Clarity about security deposits In big cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, landlords demand huge security deposits from their tenants. These deposits are either returned at the end of the lease term or are applied towards the monthly rent. As a property dealer, it is your responsibility to inform both your client and the landlord about the security deposit amount. Additionally, to make it enforceable, include it in the rental agreement after discussing it with both parties.

Brokerage fee

In the rental market, property dealers receive commissions from both the landlord and the tenant. While it can be negotiated for 15 days’ rent, the brokerage charges are generally equal to the monthly rent of the property. There is no predefined rate, so you can set your own based on the landlord’s preferences regarding the area, property needs, and tenant profile.

Property documentation specialist

Property Dealers complete all the paperwork on behalf of the client. It includes every document required for buying or selling real estate. They handle the paperwork for loans, property registration, deed writing, powers of attorneys, and stamps, among other things. Property Dealers explains all the requirements and other legal terms as the terminology used in the documents are difficult to understand

Guide to Selling and Buying Property

Property dealers are skilled professionals who are knowledgeable about marketing a property. Property displays can be difficult to organize. A property seller will find it easier to sell his property if he has a property dealer. Helping property dealers also benefits sellers who are ignorant of the processes involved in selling a home.


People’s Property Point plays the role of property dealers in the rental market. Does many things during the day. They answer as a marketer, cigarette, and dealer’s representative, in one and the same direction, to maintain harmony between their various districts. Taking their advice before taking any step can have many benefits.

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