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Top Properties To Invest In Chandigarh – Because of its stunning architecture and cutting-edge services, Chandigarh is considered one of India’s best-planned cities. Apart from this, it is without a doubt the nation’s cleanest metropolis that ranks well on the human development index. As a result, investors often look for top properties to invest in Chandigarh.

It appears that the IT growth, together with top-notch medical and educational institutions, is greatly boosting the value of the real estate in the city. As a result, the city has traditionally been a desirable location for real estate investment. In Chandigarh, there is a good selection of properties for buyers and investors to choose from, including office space, apartments, and villas. Hence, people looking to invest in real estate have a lot of great options in the city.

Why Chandigarh Is The Best Investment Option For Properties?

  • Avant-garde infrastructure: The city boasts one of the greatest transportation systems in the nation. Apart from these, it is renowned for its hilly surroundings, Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh International Airport, and IT center status. Even Delhi, Shimla, Mohali and other nearby towns and locations are well connected by road from Chandigarh. Other attractions include a golf course, the ISBT in Chandigarh, the GMCH, and PGI, among others. As a result, Chandigarh real estate is appealing given all these characteristics.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and amenities: The city is a great area to live in since it contains a lot of amenities including hospitals, schools, universities, and retail centers. Chandigarh has a large number of properties that offer a variety of facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, entertainment areas, kid-friendly areas, parks, etc. 
  • Affordable to invest in properties: Several real estate developers are making significant investments via different residential and commercial developments in the city because of the fantastic lifestyle it has to offer. This is another factor in the affordable pricing of residential houses in Chandigarh.
  • Immense job prospects: The variety of career prospects has increased in Chandigarh as a result of the several IT parks that house numerous IT businesses. Also, the city’s recent development of a large number of commercial properties has greatly increased the job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled laborers.

Top Properties To Invest In Chandigarh

One of the trendiest and most exciting cities in North India, Chandigarh is seeing an increase in real estate construction every day. In Chandigarh, the demand for these buildings has increased exponentially, especially for apartments. To provide you with greater clarity, we’ve split this list into the two sections shown below.

Best Properties To Invest In Chandigarh – Commercial

Before making any investment decisions, it is crucial to conduct adequate research and due consideration. Purchasing commercial properties in Chandigarh might be a fantastic financial opportunity.

  1. Elante Mall: One of the biggest malls in northern India is Elante Mall, which is situated in Chandigarh’s industrial district. About 235 retail establishments, a cinema, a food court, and a luxury hotel are all present in the 1.15 million square feet that make up its built-up area. It is a well-liked location for dining, entertainment, and shopping, making it a profitable investment prospect.
  2. DLF City Centre Mall: DLF City Centre Mall, another well-known shopping center in Chandigarh, is a 4-acre facility with more than 100 retail stores, a cinema, a food court, and a game area. The mall is well situated in the center of the city, making it a popular shopping destination for both residents and visitors.
  3. Bestech Square Mall: Chandigarh’s mall is very new, yet it’s already fairly well-liked. The mall, which is in the center of Mohali, has more than 100 shops as well as a food court, a movie theatre, and a gaming area. The mall is a one-stop entertainment and lodging destination thanks to the luxury hotel that is linked to it.
  4. IT Park Chandigarh: The 168-acre Chandigarh IT Park serves as a center for businesses in the information technology industry. There are many commercial structures in the park, including the DLF Towers and the Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park. Due to the numerous IT businesses there and the park’s proximity to the airport, investing in commercial buildings there is a sensible choice.
  5. Sector 17 Plaza: The center of the city and a commercial hub is Sector 17 Plaza. Properties here are always in demand since it is a well-liked location for shopping and entertainment. A cinema, retail stores, and restaurants may be found at the plaza. With Sector 17 Plaza’s strategic position and strong foot traffic, investing in real estate there is a wise choice.

Best Properties To Invest In Chandigarh – Residential

  1. Zirakpur: On the outskirts of Chandigarh, the satellite town of Zirakpur has recently grown in popularity as a place to live. The area features several upscale residential developments, including Sushma Crescent, Green Lotus Avenue, and SBP Gateway of Dreams, and is well-linked to Chandigarh.
  2. Mohali: Another nearby satellite town, Mohali, is quickly becoming a major residential center. The community is home to several upscale residential developments, including Wave Estate, Emaar MGF Mohali Hills, and ATS Villa Espana. It is a popular residential location because of its proximity to Chandigarh and the availability of contemporary facilities.
  3. Chandigarh Housing Board Flats: Individuals from all various income classes can rent residential apartments from the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) at reasonable prices. The flats are well-built and furnished with contemporary conveniences, making them a perfect choice for investors searching for affordable residential homes.
  4. Apartments in Sector 48: An apartment complex with contemporary amenities including swimming pools, clubhouses, and green areas can be found in Chandigarh’s Sector 48. Premium apartments are available in developments like Suncity Parikrama, GBP Athens, and SBP Gardenia, which provides good access to the city’s key sites.
  5. Villas in New Chandigarh: A world-class metropolis is what will be created as part of the planned urban development project known as New Chandigarh. Many upscale residential developments, like Omaxe New Chandigarh, DLF Hyde Park, and Emaar MGF Mohali Hills, are located in the town. These developments provide large villas with contemporary facilities and a first-rate connection to Chandigarh.

Take Away

The real estate market in Chandigarh is booming, making it a popular choice for property investors. Also, the city is a desirable alternative for investment due to its advantageous location, excellent infrastructure, and expanding economy. Chandigarh offers significant potential for property value increase if you’re seeking a wide range of investment prospects for both commercial and residential buildings.

But, investing in the Chandigarh real estate market is not without possible dangers and difficulties, just like any other type of investment. Making wise investment selections requires thorough study, a thorough assessment of the market, and collaboration with trustworthy real estate professional. People’s Property Point is one of the trustworthy real estate dealers that can provide you with the most lucrative and cheap real estate deals.